Asking for someone’s phone number is over!

“Follow me on Instagram!” is the new “What’s your phone number?”

Honestly, I can’t remember the last time I swapped digits with someone on first meeting. Only later, once essentially vetted through passive or not-so-passive observation of someone’s timeline, do phone numbers get exchanged. Even then, only if necessary.

Gino Pacheco, who runs, predicted the death asking for someones number of five trends to expect in 2017, and the forecast rings true now. While we may not have done away with phone numbers just yet, at least in the social-media-enabled world, they’re certainly becoming less vital every day.

These days, most people stay in touch by “liking” photos, responding directly to someone’s Instagram or Snapchat story, emailing them or video-calling them through Facebook or Skype.

If and when someone actually does call you on an actual phone, chances are you won’t pick up.

“Sometimes, when I can’t get through to a friend [by phone], I’ll message them on Facebook and they’re more likely to answer quicker,” Ed Hutchinson, a 27-year-old real estate agent based in Los Angeles.


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