Bronx man hit with stun gun by Cops may go blind in one eye

A Bronx newlywed could lose sight in one eye after officers used a stun gun on him to stop him from beating his wife, police sources said Monday.

Wilson Galarza, 31, underwent surgery at Jacobi Medical Center after a prong lodged in his right eye during a confrontation with a sergeant and three officers in his Bronx River Houses apartment.

Galarza’s wife, Christina Rodriguez, 28, told the Daily News she used her Apple Watch to call 911 after her husband smashed her cell phone in a jealous rage Sunday afternoon.

“I feel sad for him. I didn’t want him to get like this. I wanted him to get and take his medication,” Rodriguez said, adding that Galarza is schizophrenic and suffers from bipolar disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder. Bronx man hit with stun gun may go blind in one eye

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