52nd pct cop indicted for drunkenly harassing residents in Norwood

A Bronx cop was indicted Thursday on charges that he drove a police cruiser drunk while he was on duty and responding to a call, authorities said Thursday. Officer Richard Evans, 44, faces charges of driving while intoxicated and official misconduct for drunk driving during his overnight shift in Norwood, Bronx District Attorney Darcel Clark announced.

After showing up to the 52nd Precinct station house early on Dec. 8 already drunk, Evans — a 15-year veteran and Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association delegate — took the wheel of a patrol car and responded to a noise complaint two blocks away on Webster Ave. and E. 203rd St., prosecutors said. Residents turned down the noise without incident. But that did not stop the inebriated officer, “still armed and still drunk,” from barging into the apartment and refusing to leave for 30 minutes, said Assistant DA Steven Knoepfler.

. Bronx cop indicted for drunkenly harassing residents – New York Daily News

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