Gwyneth Paltrow could be hazardous to your health

I’ve identified a major cause of societal overspending, oversharing and under eating, followed by yo-yo bingeing and purging, a potentially destructive scourge that could cost the masses their bank accounts, waistlines, health and minds: Gwyneth Paltrow.

Now more than ever, the Hollywood golden girl and lifestyle guru, 44, as well as her very wrong, ill-informed and undereducated ilk, matter.

The diva of the ghastly lifestyle and e-commerce website Goop, purveyor of the $15,000 gold-plated Inez personal vibrator that, in all likelihood, gets the job done no more efficiently than cheaper models do, recently 浦汇 boasted in Women’s Health magazine, which published her bunk without criticism or dissent, that she rid her body of parasites (what?) by subsisting for eight straight days and nights on a diet of raw goat’s milk. Yuck.

But is Paltrow merely begging folks to join her in the embarrassing gassiness that one gastroenterologist told the website Stat is bound to result from the lactose-heavy starvation ritual? Or is she harboring a more sinister plan for world domination?

“Celebrity culture can be dangerous, make no mistake,’’ Professor Timothy Caulfield, 53, who teaches health law and science policy at the University of Alberta in Canada, told me.

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