3 ways to get cardio workouts that feels good as running

It’s cheap, it’s easy and there’s nothing quite like that post-run feeling of euphoria and accomplishment. It sends your heart into overdrive and really works every part of your body. Running is also the absolute worst.1. Biking. Stationary, in a class or outside, riding a bike is not as super simple as running, but you really get your heartrate up — and fast. It’s got almost as good ROI, especially if you take a spinning class. You can even spin from home with a service like the super popular Peloton.

2. Walking. No, seriously. Celine Desgranges, group fitness instructor and personal trainer at New York Health and Racquet Club, recommends setting your treadmill at an incline, not holding on to the handle bars and then busting it to a killer playlist. “It’s amazing to see how comparable it can be to running,” she says. Just to get you started: Ellie Goulding’s “Burn,” blink-182’s “Man Overboard,” and “Toxic” by Britney Spears do it for me.

3. Swimming. It’s arguably the most annoying of these options (bathing suits, wet hair — amirite?), but if you have the time and access, it’s great. Water aerobics can strengthen your legs and exhaust you in a weird sweating-in-a-pool kind of way. If you haven’t ever “run” in the pool, give it a shot. It’s kind of trancey and a real workout.

Non-running cardio workouts that feel almost exactly as good as running

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