This new social media game is terrifying parents

A disturbing trend which encourages school children to scrub at the skin on their arms with a rubber while reciting the alphabet is gathering steam on social media.

The Eraser Challenge – known by some parents as The ABC Game – is won by the person who ends up with the biggest wound.

The foolish stunt first came to peoples’ attention in February last year, with children sharing snaps of their bloodied arms on social media sites like Instagram.

It later evolved, with kids reciting a variety of different things as they gouged, and was even combined with other trends such as the salt and ice challenge.

This involved school-age children putting salt and ice on their skin which causes a chemical reaction, lowering the temperature of the ice to the extreme of 1.4 degrees Fahrenheit.

The challenge was how long the person could put up with the pain of the freezing process, which leaves a burn similar to frostbite on the skin.

Kids then posted snaps of their war wounds online.

Some children were admitted to hospital as their burns were so extreme, reported Kidspot.

Now the Eraser Challenge is sparking fresh concern among worried parents as the number of images shared on social media is on the climb.

This new social media game is terrifying parents

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