SEE IT:Burnside brute’s sucker-punch leaves man, 57, unconscious

Shocking video released by the cops early Tuesday shows a brute knocking a 57-year-old man unconscious with one punch outside a Bronx bodega.

The tape shows the victim dropping to the ground like dead weight outside the Deli Grocery Tobacco Shop on Andrews Ave. near W. Burnside Ave. in University Heights at 10:50 p.m. on Feb. 23. Then a second man is seen roughly flipping the victim over, rifling through his back pockets and stealing his ID, debit card and $80 in cash.

The sucker punch and robbery were captured on security video and released by the NYPD in an effort to catch the men responsible for the attack.

SEE IT: Bronx brute’s sucker-punch leaves man, 57, unconscious

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