Goon robs 81-year-old disabled Mt.Eden woman after pretending to help

A cold-hearted thief pretended to give a disabled 81-year-old woman a helping hand, then abandoned the ruse and robbed her of $200 in her Bronx apartment building.

Cops on Sunday released disturbing surveillance video of the Friday evening ordeal, showing the suspect, clad in a black hat and sunglasses, turn menacing in a flash.

He heads out of the elevator door, seemingly holding it open for the victim, then spins around and motions for her to be quiet. He bears down on her, holding something in his hand, possibly a blade, as he shouts at her, then takes cash from her purse.

“He was cruel, very cruel. It’s just meanness that would make a person do that,” the victim, a retired city education department worker, told the Daily News Sunday.

Man attacked, robbed by two crooks outside of his Bronx home
The suspect got into the elevator with the victim in her Mount Eden building on Grand Concourse near Marcy Place on Friday around 6:20 p.m., cops said.

On Sunday night, the victim sat at a table in her living room, her voice and hands still trembling as she recounted what happened to her. She was too frightened to give her name.

She first spotted the man a few blocks from her building, by Elliot Pl. and Walton Ave., as she walked home with her shopping cart after a trip to some neighborhood stores and a nearby bank.

“I walk with a cane because I have bad back problems. I stopped to rest because I was in pain,” she said. “I saw this guy on the phone, but now I think he was just pretending to be on the phone talking to someone.”

She kept walking, and when she got to her building, she struggled with the door. That’s when the man offered to help her, picking up her shopping cart and putting it in the elevator.

“He spoke very well, had a calm voice. He didn’t look like a bum,” she said.

He told her he was in the building to visit his sister who was ill, and she responded, “It’s okay. God is good. He will take care of everything.”

. Goon robs 81-year-old disabled Bronx woman after pretending to help

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