Mott Haven’s new hip-hop restaurant, Beatstro, a ‘callback’ to the ’70s

Mott Haven’s roots are on display in the midst of a neighborhood rebranding with the opening of Beatstro, a dining and entertainment venue that boasts Bronx pride with graffiti art, soul food and hip-hop-influenced decor.

“We don’t want people to feel like we came in and changed things; we want to keep it as familiar as possible,” says Bronx native Alfredo Angueira. “We’re very sensitive to what’s going on in the Bronx.”

Walking the blocks that surround the restaurant, still under construction, Angueira points to shuttered storefronts that’ll soon be reborn as art galleries and coffee shops. Beatstro, co-owned by Angueira and Julio Martinez, joins the growing list of businesses hoping to thrive on Alexander Avenue as the South Bronx gentrifies.

“We wanted to tone it down a little bit,” he says, referencing the 2,250-square-foot restaurant’s intricate interior design. “What we didn’t want was for it to feel too upscale, too elegant, and alienate the community. We want the people who are working here and who live in the projects to feel comfortable.”

Bronx’s new hip-hop restaurant, Beatstro, a ‘callback’ to the ’70s

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